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Mobile Landing Page Best Practices to Boost Conversions standard

Your mobile landing pages are arguably the most critical aspect of your website design. And yet, for many, mobile optimisation is often considered an afterthought. 53% of website traffic is attributed to mobile users, meaning your website is being viewed more frequently on a mobile phone than a desktop. Just having a responsive site is not enough. With the browsing experience being completely different for a mobile or tablet user than a desktop user, it’s vital that your website can cater to the mobile user. You need carefully designed mobile-friendly landing pages – or you could risk losing out on valuable conversions. So how can you ensure you’re optimising your mobile user experience? In this article, we’ll explore ten essential mobile landing ...

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Are Backlinks Still Relevant to SEO? standard

  Every year, there seem to be new contenders clambering to the top of the SEO ranks. In 2019, the focus is on features such as voice search, on-page optimisation and mobile page speed. So, what effect do these newcomers have on established ranking factors like backlinks? Are backlinks still relevant to your company’s SEO? The importance of backlinks Backlinks are still incredibly important and should not be undermined by modern SEO practices. For off-page SEO, where you are trying to increase the visibility of your website, backlinks remain an essential part of your strategy. Link building is the process of getting other sites to link back to yours (backlinks). When you link to relevant content on authoritative websites, the visibility ...

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Conversion Marketing: How to Increase Your ROI standard

As an online business, getting people to your website should be at the heart of your strategy. However, driving high numbers is a waste of time and money if your traffic doesn’t convert into sales. That’s where conversion marketing comes in. By using various tools and tactics to enhance your website, you can convert visitors into customers who buy your goods and services. When done correctly, conversion marketing can turn your website into an optimised sales machine and provide valuable insights to increase your ROI. The importance of conversion marketing As the purpose of most online marketing is to generate traffic to websites, optimising your pages will produce better results for a relatively low cost. Your website is already up ...

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Local Lead Generation – What Are the Key Factors to Consider? standard

If you run a small business, having an effective local lead generation strategy can greatly improve your bottom line. It’s also far simpler to implement than it sounds, and the potential for results is significant. As there is less competition with local campaigns, it can be easier to generate results that with national or international strategies. In this article we’ll look at the techniques you can use both online and offline to generate leads in your local area. Online local lead generation: how to get it right Improve your local SEO It’s much easier to rank for local keywords than general ones. For example, your website has more chance of getting on the front page of Google with ‘florists Cardiff, ...

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Lead Acquisition: 5 Ways to Generate Leads for Your Business Today standard

  If you’re looking to grow your business, you must make lead acquisition a top priority in your marketing strategy. This means mastering the art of selling to people who have expressed an interest in your products or services. Easy, right? In reality, acquiring leads can be complicated. You’ll need to target the right people at the right time with the right information. However, with the correct strategy in place, you’ll see your conversion rates soar along with your profits. Understanding the sales funnel During the sales process, there are a number of steps you must take to maximise your chances of turning an interested party into a paying customer. A sales funnel usually consists of six “stages”: • Awareness: This is ...

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