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Content marketing is the creation of content which is valuable to a targeted audience. The content may be video, ebooks, blog posts, social media and any other form which hopes to engage the customer. Content avoids the spam feel of more direct marketing. Great content creates stories around a brand and sparks conversations.

With content as the root of your marketing, you can entertain your audience and find the solutions to their problems. Engaging with content which is useful to them, customers start to believe in your brand. Content can involve the audience, encouraging them to buy into your message. You can develop trust and loyalty, which ultimately leads to long-term, profitable customers.

What is a content creator? What do they create?

Content creators may be specialists who focus on one type of content. Others offer a variety of services. Examples of content which you may use a content creator for include these:

Blog posts – a content creator can write blog posts for your brand which engage a new audience. A useful blog can position your business as an authority or an innovator. A good content creator will maximise your visibility and SEO (search engine optimisation) with a well-constructed blog post.

Email newsletters – start-up and growing businesses need to manage their marketing budgets. A content creator can craft a regular email to entertain and inform your customers. Most of us check our inbox first thing in the morning. It is an opportunity to give your message to potential customers at the start of their day.

Video marketing – Cisco’s Visual Networking Index predicts that video will account for up to 82% of all online traffic by 2022. A great visual way to show your brand’s character to your audience. With YouTube now widely accepted to be the second most used search engine, video content is crucial.

Social media content – your content creator will show your brand’s character and the human elements of your business through consistently fresh social media posts. They will plan a campaign to develop the story of your brand and gradually build a following. Whether through paid or organic posts, social media offers the most opportunities to engage your audience

Graphic design – is a significant component of content creation. Examples are logos, statistical graphs and quirky social media art. There are many ways in which a content creator can add visual impact to your brand’s story.

Advantages of using a content creator

Save money – rather than commit to recruiting somebody to work directly for you, outsourcing to a freelance content creator offers some significant savings. You will not need to worry about employee benefits, regulations or going through the recruitment process.

Save time – once you have found a content creator and agreed the brief, they will be hard at work creating excellent content for you. A good freelance content creator builds a reputation by providing the best quality work, on time, leaving you to run your business.

Workload is scalable – you can use freelance content creators for the amount of work you need. When you need more content, you can easily outsource a larger amount of work.

Fresh, original content – tap into the enthusiasm of a content creator who gives new angles on how you can tell your brand’s story.

Expand your content – a freelance expert can offer new styles of content which you may not have considered. They will also know different ways to share your content.

There is a healthy choice of freelance content creators available. It could be an advantage if you have the time to work out which is best for your brand.

Disadvantages of outsourcing your content creation

You aren’t in control – once you commission a content creator, you may have no input until they return the content. You could have to go back and forth with edits and corrections if there is a misinterpretation of the brief.

You’ve committed your resources – creating content may eat into a big chunk of your marketing budget. You may not be able to explore other avenues for marketing your brand as your budget will already be allocated.

They don’t know what you need – especially if you don’t know what you need. Are you looking for lead generation, direct sales, or to raise your brand’s profile? If you are unsure, then your freelance content creator may not grasp your strategy.

Finding the perfect balance for your content

Take the pressure off your search for the ideal content creator by signing up with a marketing agency like Simply Media. By recruiting creative specialists for each area of content creation, an agency will have already done the legwork. You’ll no longer be guessing whether you have the right person.

How a content-driven agency works for you

  • You will have a single point of contact without compromising on the variety of content for your brand.
  • The agency can scale their services to suit your budget and ambitions.
  • Your partnership with the agency will be unique to your business. A strategy and campaign calendar can be worked out with a bespoke set of services.
  • An agency can broaden the content creation for your brand. They will have professionals delivering podcasts, ebooks and animations and all other forms of content.
  • Your content marketing strategy can be results-driven. An agency will have the knowledge and tools to analyse how effective the content is.

Regular, bright and evocative content delivered by a team of professionals will do more than engage your audience; your audience will actively and eagerly seek your offerings.

Simply Media know that traditional marketing channels are being revolutionised in the digital age. Working with specialised professionals, we can target your specific audience. Get in touch today and let Simply Media bring your brand to life.