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Do you want to generate higher quality leads and qualified sales enquiries?

Simply Media can help you to find the right leads at the right time to help you to build an optimised database of verified prospects.

  • GDPR Compliant Data
  • Ethical and transparent data collection
  • Advanced targeting options

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Discover the art of data collection

Refine your internal sales funnel to attract profitable leads


Creative messaging

We’re Simply Media, a Manchester-based lead generation specialist helping SMEs find the right leads from creative messages at the right time to build a strong, core and continual database of verified leads to boost their growth prospects and take them to the next level.

Collect data transparently & ethically

We’re able to do that thanks to our dedicated team of creative lead generation specialists who have a vast amount of experience in helping SMEs discover new markets and collect data in original, transparent and ethical ways to build creative messages and campaigns that hit targeted prospects on their channel of choice when they’re most likely to be looking for somebody like you.

Advanced lead profiling

So, how do we work with SMEs to cut through the online noise and help them find the people that matter to them most?

The internet has given people more choice than ever in where they spend their time online. The very first step is to profile those leads who will be most important to you in the short- and long-term and find out where they most like to spend their time, whether they like to look for products on search engines, connect with new people on social media or view more traditional avenues like television.

Generate verified leads

We will then reach out to them with the very best targeting software, combining that consumer knowledge and creativity with tried-and-trusted marketing techniques such as Pay Per Click, social media targeting, ad remarketing and more to convey a message that enhances your reputation, encourages interaction and generates only the best verified leads for SME growth.

Master the new data legislation

For stronger long-term growth too, an honest, ethical and transparent data collection and marketing strategy is essential to reach a higher level.

With data legislation tighter than ever (especially with the introduction of GDPR) many SMEs are worried that they won’t comply with new data rules which could stall their growth.

The art of data collection and marketing

Simply Media will work alongside you to give you a better comprehension of the art of data collection and marketing, helping you to refine your internal sales funnel and models to attract stronger, more profitable leads, whether you operate in the B2B or B2C spheres and beyond.

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