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Instagram has quickly become the world’s largest photo and video sharing social networking platforms. The application allows users to capture images, quickly edit them and share them with friends at the click of a button.

According to Adespresso, Instagram is the second-largest social networking site in the world, with nearly 1 billion active monthly users.

With its powerful and easy-to-use features and expansive reach, Instagram is now one of the most effective tools in the marketing arsenal. But do you really need it?

What is Instagram marketing?

As a growing business, you can utilise Instagram to build a community of followers that interact and engage with your brand. Correctly utilising its features allows you to find loyal customers that will keep coming back for more.

Although Instagram is a media sharing platform, many people use it to follow influencers and find the latest trends. Positioning your brand at the heart of this can help to boost your marketing efforts.

Benefits of using Instagram for marketing

Instagram has great potential if used effectively. Not convinced? Let us take you through the main reasons why your business should promote on Instagram.

1) Visual representation of your brand

Being an image-first platform makes it much easier to get your message across. It means that your branding messages can be creatively packed into a single image without needing to craft a long piece of text.

Through this medium, you can also showcase your products and services, helping your customers recognise your brand. You can also provide product demonstrations in the form of videos.

2) High rate of growth

Hashtags allow you to reach a particular audience or latch on to a current trend. Doubling down on your niche and creating content that relates to hashtags that your audience is searching can help you to increase engagement. In short, there is potential to grow your brand very quickly.

3) Instagram is a mobile-first platform

Almost everyone these days has a mobile phone. By focusing your marketing efforts on a social network that caters to a mobile-first experience, you are going to create a better user experience for your customers.

According to Sleeknote, 63.4% of people use the internet on their mobile phones compared to other devices. This is a huge portion of the market that could potentially be interested in your services.

Drawbacks of using Instagram for marketing

There may be reasons why Instagram is not the best marketing platform for your business, and not every tool is 100% perfect. Here are some of the drawbacks.

1) No desktop version

Not every customer is inclined to use their phones to browse content, and some prefer to use their laptop or tablet devices to connect to the internet.

Instagram caters entirely to a mobile experience and, as a result, can be quite alienating to users that prefer to use a laptop. If your audience are predominantly desktop users, Instagram may not be the best choice for you.

2) Instagram is a social platform

Instagram is primarily a social platform, meaning not everyone that logs in wants to be sold to. To integrate with its users, you need to be constantly creating content that is high in value, so avoid posts that are too sales-focused.

If you are looking for a tool primarily to sell your services, this may not be the best platform for you.

5 ways to promote your business on Instagram

Promoting your business might seem difficult at first, as there isn’t a one-size-fits all approach. There are best practices you should keep in mind, however, if you want to stand out from the rest.

  1. Include a link to your website in your bio: The great thing about Instagram is that it allows you to redirect your audience back to your website. This can be especially effective if you direct them to a landing page where they can make a purchase or book a direct consultation. This gives you the ability to convert organic visitors into paying customers.
  2. Keep your content consistent: Being consistent with the images, colours and typography of your posts helps to make your brand more recognisable. When it comes to your profile, it’s best to have a theme and stick to it.
  3. Use Instagram stories: Instagram stories are a great way to keep your followers engaged with micro-content. This feature allows you to upload bitesize video content and is a great way to show off your brand behind-the-scenes style.
  4. Target customers using hashtags: Hashtags are a great way to tap into the right audience. Try to use hashtags that are both relevant to your audience and relevant to the post.
  5. Craft an eye-catching bio: Your Instagram bio is a great way to show some personality while explaining your brand’s values. When a visitor sees your profile, they should be able to understand what your company is about at a quick glance.

How to promote well on Instagram

Instagram can be a great asset to any business looking to find new customers. The ability to grow quickly with stunning images and video content, whilst catering to mobile-first user experience, makes it a powerful marketing tool.

However, not every business has a dedicated marketing team that can give Instagram marketing the attention it deserves. Hiring a dedicated social media manager can be expensive, which is why outsourcing to an agency is often the best option.

At Simply Media, we have a team of dedicated social media experts that will take the time to understand your business, analyse your target audience and craft content that your customers will love. Get in touch with us today to learn more.