conversion marketing

As an online business, getting people to your website should be at the heart of your strategy.

However, driving high numbers is a waste of time and money if your traffic doesn’t convert into sales. That’s where conversion marketing comes in.

By using various tools and tactics to enhance your website, you can convert visitors into customers who buy your goods and services. When done correctly, conversion marketing can turn your website into an optimised sales machine and provide valuable insights to increase your ROI.

The importance of conversion marketing

As the purpose of most online marketing is to generate traffic to websites, optimising your pages will produce better results for a relatively low cost. Your website is already up and running, so there are no setup or advertising costs –just an opportunity for you to make adjustments and boost your conversion rates.

Conversion marketing will also help you find the weak links in your lead generation strategy and on your website. Analytics will tell you where your traffic comes from and at which parts of your website potential customers drop off or abandon their purchases. You can use this data to improve the customer journey and develop your conversion marketing strategy further.

Using conversion marketing to increase conversion rates

Measuring conversion is relatively simple: just divide the number of conversions per webpage by the number of visitors. There are many ways of increasing online conversion rates once you’ve identified areas that need improvement.

Optimise your homepage

Use your homepage not only to welcome visitors but to direct them around your website. Make it easy for them to get to know your products or services by linking to information on them. Include a button so they can sign up to your updates or newsletter. If appropriate, have a virtual assistant or chatbot to answer questions they may have.

Get creative with your landing pages

A landing page should be tailor-made to convert visitors into customers. They should target audiences from different media channels, and each offer should be unique. Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating landing pages:

  • Keep navigation to a minimum. You want people to sign up to receive whatever it is you’re offering them (lead capture)
  • Give away a free resource such as a white paper or show a video of your product or service in action which is relevant to your target audience
  • Make sure your page has an impactful headline pertinent to your offer
  • Highlight the value for your customers in list form
  • Include an appropriate image to grab the attention of your visitors

Create content your customers want to read

Creating and distributing content may be part of the long game with conversion marketing, but it is still a cost-effective and proven lead converter, as long as you create useful or entertaining content for your target market. Your content should build trust and promote your business subtly rather than be a mouthpiece for your sales team.

Test test test

Whichever way you communicate with your potential customers, conduct A/B testing to identify what converts more effectively.

In an email campaign, you can test subject lines, images, call-to-actions (CTAs) and different versions of copy. On landing pages, test various offers, copy, lead capture form questions and images. Use a disciplined approach to identify a high-performing landing page or email campaign and watch conversions increase.

Consult a marketing agency

You may feel you lack the expertise in-house to create or implement a successful conversion marketing strategy. Alternatively, you may not have the time to put a campaign together. Therefore, may be worth outsourcing your marketing to a marketing agency.

An agency will have a broad spectrum of experience to draw from and can produce strategies, campaigns and content quickly so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business. They will use the latest marketing technologies that you may not have access to and be able to produce meaningful performance measurements and assess ROI.

Optimise the forms on your website

Ensuring you collect meaningful data from people likely to convert into sales of your products or services is crucial to your conversion strategy. You’ll need to optimise your forms by keeping them responsive and straightforward. Keep the number of fields in your form to a minimum to increase the chance of people completing it. Just ask for the information you need right now as you can collect more info by sending follow up emails or when you speak to someone on the phone.

Maximise your CTAs

You’ve put a lot of effort into your conversion marketing by optimising your homepage, writing great content and creating unique landing pages. Now your visitors have reached your website you need to ensure they know what you expect them to do next. A clear, concise call to action is a crucial component of your pages. Include a button which takes people to your contact us or checkout page. Make sure the button is visible, reflects what you want them to do and the benefit they’ll receive from clicking on it. For example, ‘get my free ebook’ is more appealing than ‘request now’.

Be mobile responsive

With smartphone use expected to hit over four hours a day in the UK by 2021, it’s imperative that you optimise your website for mobile use. Potential customers will access your website across a range of devices, so make sure it displays correctly on all of them. As the screen people are using is smaller, you may want to:

  • Keep text short and sharp
  • Scale your images
  • Use a click to call button so people can contact you quickly
  • Use icons to communicate clearly

Make sure you are easily contactable

This sounds obvious, however, you’d be surprised how difficult some companies make it for people to contact them by hiding away their contact details or making visitors fill in a multistep form which encourages abandonment. Ensure you prominently display your contact details and offer people different ways of contacting you (phone, email, contact form or chat).

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