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Boost your growth ambitions

Target consumer leads with creative campaigns at the right time


Digital advertising overload

In a highly-competitive online world, SMEs are fast realising that the fastest path to strong, stable long-term growth revolves around the data they collect and how they use it.

It’s not that easy, though, especially at a time when so many companies are vying for the attention of a huge amount of people who are suffering from digital advertising overload.

Tightening data legislation

At the same time, data legislation is tightening, giving more power to the consumer on how their data is used and for what purposes.

A dedicated agency

Simply Media is a Manchester-based marketing company specialising in data collection, partnering with SMEs and helping them grow by helping them to better understand the complexities and regulations surrounding data marketing.

We’ll work alongside your SME to build a creative B2C data marketing strategy centred around boosting your short- and long-term growth ambitions, while at the same time collecting strong, valuable and relevant opt-in data from potential new leads and consumers in ethical, transparent ways.

Build effective in-house data sets

That means no longer wasting time, effort and capital investing in data lists featuring leads that are out of date or where the prospect only has the slightest passing interest.

Collecting data is one thing; segmenting it, verifying it and analysing it to build creative marketing campaigns in approachable ways that attract new customers are just some of the benefits to building the right data sets in-house.

Right place, right time

We grow SME clients by not only collecting targeted multi-channel data, but analysing that data to spread creative campaigns to new B2C leads in the right place at the right time whether that’s on a specific social media channel, for a certain search request, through a TV advert and much more besides.

Enhance your business reputation

By approaching B2C data in a strategic way with Simply Media, you could quickly build a core set of loyal customers, continue to grow it, enhance your reputation as an SME who respects their customers’ data and consistently generates strong leads.

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