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Reach the next level of growth

Refine, streamline and transform the way you collect data


Rethink data collection

It can be hard for SMEs in a number of B2B industries to reach the next level of their growth. A lot of the reasons are often similar; it takes time to collect data in ethical ways from prospects, leads are often lukewarm or uninterested, the best data sets are ludicrously expensive, it takes too long to convert a potentially interested customer.

Partner with an agency

The majority of those problems can be solved by a common solution: partnering with an agency highly experienced in collecting strong B2B leads who will work with you to refine, streamline and completely transform the way you collect data from potential prospects.

A dedicated agency

We’re Manchester-based Simply Media, and we’re dedicated to working alongside SMEs in the B2B arena to enhance their growth by targeting and reaching out to potential new audiences, whatever sector they work in.

Get away from poor data

The data you collect, the processes it goes through, how it reaches the sales team, the stage of the prospect in the sales process and more are just some of the considerations you need to make when generating effective, strong new B2B leads.

Poor data isn’t just names on a sheet. Poor data represents wasted money and time that could be better spent growing your business.

Transparency and compliance

Real B2B growth comes from being honest, open and transparent with prospects when you ask them to leave their data, being compliant with data regulations and using that data in creative, unique ways to reach out to the people who matter to your short- and long-term growth the most.

Simply Media will work alongside you to target the strongest leads as part of a wider growth strategy, consistently providing you with fresh, solid leads that have been vigorously checked and telephone-verified to ensure you always get best-in-market data in ethical, consensual ways from prospects.

Enhanced, segmented data

At the same time, we’ll work with you to properly segment that opted-in data to enhance the way that data reaches your sales team, how they approach those leads and analyse it to build unique, creative B2B marketing campaigns across numerous channels targeted to the people you want to work with most in the B2B sector.

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