Are you looking to grow your B2B company in 2020? An effective B2B sales marketing strategy is fundamental in ensuring you stay competitive, increase sales and retain customers.

Why is a B2B sales strategy so important?

B2B marketing strategies are continually changing and being aware of new trends will allow your business to react and adapt accordingly. It will also help you understand your customers better and allocate internal resources effectively.

Despite these proven benefits, many B2B organisations still don’t have a formal marketing plan.

Ten steps to a successful B2B sales marketing strategy

Here are the ten essential elements of a B2B sales marketing strategy that you should implement to achieve success in 2020 and beyond.

1. Define clear objectives

Produce a list of attainable goals for your business to meet within realistic deadlines. Try setting a mixture of short and long-term objectives to make the end goal more achievable. Don’t try and achieve your goals at once; focus on one or two, then move on to the others.

2. Set achievable KPIs

After you have defined your goals, decide which key performance indicators will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Examples include monitoring website traffic and lead quality.

3. Establish your brand identity

Decide how you want your brand to be reflected in your B2B sales marketing strategy. Include the way you interact with people online, your tone of voice, any influencers you choose to use and the content you share. It’s essential to make sure that you’re consistent across each social media platform and your website. It will help your target audience identify your company easily.

4. Understand your target audience

It’s impossible to create an effective B2B sales marketing strategy without understanding your audience in as much detail as possible. What is their preferred method of communication? Do you know their demographics and shared interests? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can start creating the right message and add it to your marketing strategy.

5. Conduct a competitor analysis

Finding out what your competitors are doing on social media can be extremely valuable for your business. It can teach you what to do, and more importantly, what not to do. It’s a great way to find out how your target audience engages with your competitors, helping you get to know them better. It can also generate leads by offering a better product or service than your competitor.

6. Include a mobile-first strategy

The number of worldwide smartphone users is predicted to reach 3.5 billion in 2020. Therefore, your website and content must cater to the needs of the mobile user to survive and grow. Keep text short and simple and use lots of images to make information easily digestible and appealing to view on devices. It is also vital that your website loads quickly on a mobile or tablet to prevent customers going elsewhere.

7. Improve your website

Surprisingly, 36% of SMEs don’t have a web presence. Most consumers will visit your website before deciding whether or not to buy from your business. That is why it’s crucial that your site is professional and represents your brand. A good website is up-to-date, intuitive, responsive and has excellent content. Ultimately, a high-quality website will make you stand out from competitors, increase traffic and boost your conversion rates.

8. Take advantage of the power of video marketing

The real value of video marketing shouldn’t be underestimated in the B2B market. Video is expected to make up 82% of internet traffic by 2021, making it an essential part of your 2020 marketing strategy. The majority of videos are watched on mobile devices on video platforms like YouTube. Make sure your videos are optimised for mobile viewing and keep them under two minutes for optimum engagement. Businesses often avoid posting videos because they are not sure what content to use. Simple and effective ideas include ‘how-to’ videos, announcing something new, going behind the scenes and introducing your team.

9. Produce compelling content

Engaging content is one of the best ways to retain customers and gain new ones. Produce content that is of interest to your target audience, current and something that will evoke emotions. Keep your followers interested by using a mixture of blog posts, social media posts and videos. Infographics are informative and a powerful way to capture the interest of your audience. Polls also allow your readers to engage with your business and make them feel valued by asking their opinion.

A social media content calendar is a great way to help you plan your content around appropriate awareness days during the year ahead.

10. Make the most of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is huge right now and can bring many benefits to your business. Not only will it increase the exposure of your product or service, but it will also build your reputation and the trust that you have with your customers.

The key to using market influencers successfully is by identifying the right influencers for your business. It’s also important to make sure that your company’s vision and values are carefully matched to your chosen influencer.

Determine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts

It’s important to regularly measure your B2B sales strategy and change areas that aren’t working. Equally, it’s just as important to know what is working well so you can continue doing it. You can achieve this through monitoring website and mobile user traffic. It will tell you the percentage of new or returning customers and the average time they are spending on your website.

Google Analytics provides detailed information about the visitors on your website and will help you enhance areas of your marketing strategy.

Take advantage of our B2B marketing expertise

Not all businesses have the time, budget or in-house resource to create and manage a successful B2B sales marketing strategy. Simply Media’s team of digital marketing experts can do the hard work for you. Contact us today to find out how our services will help take your business to the next level.